About Synedgen


Creating breakthrough therapeutics with glycomics

Synedgen is a pioneering biotechnology company using the science of glycomics to discover and develop polysaccharide-based drugs.

New class of polysaccharide-based drugs

This new class of drugs targets the complex interactions at the cell surface and mucosal interface. Our pipeline shows potential to change disease progression in cystic fibrosis and other diseases, and improve quality of life for patients.

Our Glycomics Technology Platform enables us to design drugs with the ability to suppress inflammation, reduce infection and improve healing. We leverage this unique, proprietary technology engine to create new molecular entities that control the desired cellular response and direct activity at the source of the selected disease.

Creative solutions to difficult chemistry problems and unmet medical needs

Synedgen takes a unique scientific and applied clinical approach. Our technology simplifies the process to discover, develop and manufacture modified polysaccharides designed for therapeutic impact. We apply our platform strategically to address medical needs that cannot be met by other technologies, and translate these innovations into effective treatments.

Through our highly specialized, robust and predictive technology engine, we solve difficult chemistry problems previously inaccessible to traditional approaches. We have identified chemical properties required to ultra-purify polysaccharide molecules and designed chemical modifications to make the drugs soluble, active and targeted in the human body.

Our chemistry advantage produces a scientifically validated pipeline of drugs able to:

  • Suppress inflammation and improve healing.
  • Loosen mucus and biofilms to enhance their elimination.
  • Reduce mucus and biofilm adhesion to mucosal surfaces.
  • Reduce the ability of bacteria to bind and invade tissues.
  • Protect mucosal surfaces from damage and microbial imbalances.

Intellectual Property

Synedgen has a broad US and international patent estate. The IP portfolio covers the overall platform as as well as use and compositions of matter for the specific products under development.