Partnerships opportunities

Given the potential for our technology to deliver dramatic benefits across a wide spectrum of diseases and populations, we are seeking partnerships to accelerate and broaden our patient impact.

Synedgen is currently exploring potential partnership opportunities to access capabilities involving therapeutic expertise, development scope and scale, and commercial reach.

We are interested in engaging with potential partners with the following criteria:

  • recognize the high-value of our technology and pipeline;
  • share our ambitious goals on behalf of patients; and
  • possess recognized track records in executing high-value collaborations to develop and commercialize products within our target therapeutic areas and geographies.

The image below represents the role that differences in ion interactions at the cellular level play in driving diseases affecting the mucosal interface and suggests potential therapeutic approaches. This model has important implications for the design of mucosal drug delivery and therapeutics. James D. Sterling and Shenda M. Baker reported this research in Macromolecular Theory and Simulations. Image courtesy of KC Jones.