About Synedgen

Scientific Advisors

Highly respected key opinion leaders

Synedgen science advisors include internationally respected leaders in multiple disciplines including oral and ophthalmic health; gastrointestinal health and antimicrobial resistance; and mucosal infection, radiation and immunology. This team advises appropriate design of drug administration, critiques drug development plans and trial design, and also assesses the potential impact of the drug for strategic partners and investors.

Oral Health

Dr. Oien is the President of Jordco, Inc. and President of GSEM, two companies that produce innovative solutions in oral health products. He has operated a private practice in general dentistry and currently conducts biomedical and biomaterials research. His active research focuses on product development of oral therapies, and he has published regularly on oral topical rinses for analgesics, management of mucositis, and hemostasis of oral surgery wounds. He has extensive experience with bringing products through the Dental and Cardiovascular Surgery Branches of the Office of Combination Products at the FDA and oversight of FDA audits, multiple (7) Premarket Notification 510(k), FDA PMA and validation for ISO 13483 approval. Dr. Oien also holds several US Patents.

Dr. Truelove is recently retired Chair of the Department of Oral Medicine, University of Washington School of Dentistry, currently Head of Clinical Research. He was recently elected to a three-year term in the 2009 Washington State Dental Association’s House of Delegates. Dr. Truelove’s interests focus on oral medicine patient care including the management of patients with diseases of the oral soft tissues, oral cancer care, and oral cancer therapy complications, facial pains and Temporomandibular Disorders, atypical conditions such as sensory and motor dysfunctions of the jaws, salivary disorders, behavioral medicine as relates to oral symptoms and conditions, and orofacial diagnostic imaging. He has run numerous clinical trials in support of oral health products.

Dr. Epstein is Professor and Department head, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is an expert on oral oncology and oral cancer diagnostics and has strong interest in treatments that can help the survivability of immunocompromised patients. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Medicine and has served as an examiner of the Board and as President. He was previously on the medical/dental staff of the British Columbia Cancer Agency; and Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. He has published extensively in the area of oncology, infectious disease, facial pain and general areas of Oral Medicine.

Ophthalmic Health

Dr. Gilger is a Professor of Ophthalmology at NC State University. His clinical interests include intraocular surgery such as cataract surgery, dry eye treatment and equine ocular disorders. His main research interest is ocular immunology, including pathogenesis of ocular immunologic and inflammatory disorders. He has developed innovative methods to treat these potentially blinding diseases. Dr. Gilger has special interest in the study of ocular toxicology and pharmacology of pharmaceutical preparations and has explored methods to deliver therapeutic levels of medications to the eye for extended periods of time using micro-implant technology.

Gastrointestinal Health and Antimicrobial Resistance

Dr. Hofacre is a Professor, Director of Clinical Services at the Department of Population Health College of Veterinary Medicine and Director of Clinical Services, Dept. of Population Health, at the College of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Georgia. Previous positions include serving as Vice President, Poultry Health & Quality Assurance Ross Breeders, Inc., as the Manager of Professional Services for Bayer Animal Health, Poultry Business Unit, Watkinsville, GA, and Associate Professor, Department of Avian Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of GA. He advises the USDA, the US Government and International Heath Organizations on antibiotic resistance, animal health issues and microbial impact on human health. Dr. Hofacre is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Avian Pathologists, the World Veterinary Poultry Association, of Omega Tau Sigma Gamma Sigma Delta Agriculture Honorary, and the United States Animal Health Association.

Mucosal Infection, Radiation and Immunology

Dr. Sonis is Professor of Oral Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, at the Harvard School Of Dental Medicine, and Chief and Senior Surgeon, Divisions of Oral Medicine, at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He has over 40 years of academic and clinical research experience with cancer regimen-related mucosal toxicities. He also serves as President of TRIAD Burden of Illness, a not-for-profit research collaborative for outcomes research of regimen-related toxicities, as a Special Government Employee on the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee for the U.S. Federal Drug Administration, and as a Partner at Biomodels, LLC. His recent work focuses on the understanding the commonalities between infection and chemical/radiative damage of tissues and mucosa in the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract. He has extensive expertise in predictive animal model development to expedite and enhance drug and biological development. He has overseen human clinical trials for a number of oral and gastrointestinal products. He works extensively with the pharmaceutical industry to advise on pre-clinical predictive animal models, design of clinical trials, drug mechanisms in inflammation and infection and in drug development.