How SYGN305 interacts with the GI Surface

GI Interaction

How SYGN305 works at the GI mucosal surface

The cells lining the intestine are coated with a natural glycopolymer layer called the glycocalyx.  This layer provides an innate defense against infection . Radiation and chemotherapy damage this protective layer, providing a pathway for bacteria to leak through the intestinal lining and cause infection and inflammation in the gut. In the damaged/inflamed gut, dysfunction of this mucosal barrier allows penetration of both “good” and “bad” microbes onto and through the intestinal cell wall. This intestinal permeability also allows material, bacteria, proteins and cellular debris, to pass from inside the gastrointestinal tract through the cells lining the gut wall, and into the circulation. SYGN305 mimics the barrier function of the glycocalyx and helps prevent further damage. SYGN305 also reduces the inflammatory response to damage, promoting healing of the GI mucosal surface and restoring the healthy microbiome.

Normal GI Surface

Radiation Damage

Treated State