Glycomics Platform


Glycomics Technology Platform

Synedgen uses the science of glycomics – the study of complex sugar structure and function – to discover and develop ultra-purified therapeutic polysaccharides that are tunable, optimized, and targeted in the human body.

Glycopolymers are important biologic molecules

Cells are coated with complex sugar molecules, called polysaccharides, which play essential roles in health and disease. This sugar coat is called the glycocalyx. Polysaccharides are also major components of bacterial biofilms, and the glycoproteins in mucus, which are potential targets for disease therapies.

We use our proprietary Glycomics Technology Platform to discover and develop ultra-purified glycopolymers for therapeutic use. These drugs are soluble and designed to specifically interact with native polysaccharides and glycoproteins at the cell surface glycocalyx and mucosal interface.

Novel mechanism of action: Targeting the mucosal interface

Synedgen is the first drug company to identify the activity and mechanism for a novel class of drug molecules that are directed to the mucosal interface. We have identified unique chemistry methods to tune the glycopolymers for surface affinity, activity, retention rate, and solubility. We optimize these drugs to address complex targets at mucosal surfaces, direct therapeutic activity at the source of the disease, and create unmatched efficacy.

Our active modified polysaccharide compounds are able to:

  • Suppress inflammation and improve healing.
  • Control bacterial dysbiosis and restore natural bacterial communities.
  • Mimic the natural barrier function of the mucosal surface to protect the GI tract from damage and to restore healing capacity.
  • Reduce the ability of bacteria to bind and invade tissues.
  • Protect mucosal surfaces from damage and microbial imbalances.

Synedgen is applying these polysaccharide derivatives to multiple therapeutic applications in inflammation and infection.

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Synedgen has licensed its Glycomics Technology to Synspira.

Competitive advantages of our Glycomics Platform

Our Glycomics Technology Platform provides a clear competitive advantage. Synedgen has developed a robust technology platform for creating modified therapeutic polysaccharides. This internally developed, proprietary platform delivers:

  • A new class of effective, targeted therapeutics with a unique mechanism of action addressing unmet medical needs.
  • A characterized library of hundreds of modified and active polysaccharides.
  • Opportunity for rapid target identification, with leveraged development and clear translation to products.
  • Drug candidates that show unprecedented safety profiles in preclinical studies, due to localized activity.
  • Robust, scalable GMP production capability with highest quality standards.

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