The Technology


Unique drugs unified by a central discovery platform

The human body is protected from infection and injury by internal and external barriers.  These barriers consist of functional molecules involved in the body’s natural innate immune processes, and damage to them disrupts a range of normal protective functions such as inflammation, infection, and healing. This damage is especially pronounced when the human body is exposed to cancer and radiation therapy.  Synedgen optimizes glycopolymers to address complex targets at these protective surfaces to repair and restore the body’s natural defenses, and direct therapeutic activity at the source of the disease.

Our chemistry advantage has produced a scientifically validated, diversified drug pipeline able to protect the human body’s natural barriers from radiation, chemical, traumatic, bacterial, or environmental damage.  By doing so, our therapeutics:

  • Control the inflammation caused by injury and promote healing.
  • Reduce the ability of bacteria to bind and invade tissues.
  • Restore a healthy tissue environment that supports the normal microbiome.

Synedgen is targeting its drug development expertise to develop SYGN305 for GI mucositis.

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Synedgen’s glycochemistry platform provides a clear competitive advantage. This  internally developed, proprietary platform delivers:

  • A new class of effective, targeted therapeutics with a unique mechanism of action addressing unmet medical needs.
  • Clear translation from molecules in the lab to products useful to patients.
  • Drug candidates with targeted, non-systemic activity and excellent safety profiles.
  • Robust, scalable GMP production capability in an FDA inspected in-house facility.

Intellectual Property

Synedgen has a broad US and international patent estate. The IP portfolio covers the overall platform, new chemical entities, utility as well as use and compositions of matter for specific products under development and future therapeutics.