About Synedgen

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Dr. Shenda Baker is President, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer and Co-founder of Synedgen. She has more than 20 years of experience conducting, generating funds for, and directing chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry research. She provides scientific leadership, manages the intellectual property as well as the scientific and regulatory collaborations, and provides financial and organizational oversight at Synedgen. Previously, Dr. Baker was a professor of Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College from 1991-2014. She served on the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society and has served on advisory boards with the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. She is co-inventor on all of the Synedgen technology.

Dan is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equillium, and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also serves as the Managing Member of BioBrit, a life sciences consulting and investment firm. Prior to co-founding Equillium, he served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on metabolic diseases. During his 18-year tenure at Amylin, the company launched three first-in-class medicines, including the first once-a-week therapy to treat diabetes, and was listed on the Nasdaq 100. He served as Amylin’s Chief Executive Officer from March 2007 until its acquisition by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in August 2012. Before joining Amylin, Dan worked in marketing and sales for 10 years at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. He serves on the board of directors of Intercept Pharmaceuticals and a number of private companies and philanthropic organizations.

Dr. Kenton Gregory is executive director of the Oregon Medical Laser Center at Providence St. Vincent in Portland, Oregon. He is a practicing interventional cardiologist and recipient of the first endowed chair in laser medicine and surgery. He is the founder and President of Oregon Biomedical Engineering Institute, an R&D company, and Biomedical Research Services, a scientific and technical consulting company. Dr. Gregory serves as an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology and an assistant professor of medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. He has been Principal Investigator on 5 FDA sponsored clinical trials and received over $30 million in grants to research novel techniques for the repair and replacement of tissues.

Paul Grint was most recently CEO and a member of the board of directors of AmpliPhi Biosciences, which recently merged with C3J Therapeutics to form Armata Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Grint has more than two decades of experience in biologics and small-molecule research and development, including the successful approval and commercialization of products in the infectious diseases, immunology, and oncology therapeutic areas. Dr. Grint has also served in senior management roles at Cerexa, Forest Laboratories, Kalypsys, Pfizer, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, and Schering-Plough Corporation. He is currently a board member at Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inhibikase Therapeutics and Synedgen. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, a member of numerous professional and medical societies, and holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s Hospital, University of London and a medical degree from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, University of London.

Andrew Miller is the President and CEO of Stimson Lumber Company in Portland, Oregon. Stimson is an integrated timberland and wood products manufacturing company with operations in the northwestern U.S. Prior to joining Stimson in 1991, Mr. Miller was employed in the Forest Products Industry with Plum Creek Timber and Weyerhaeuser. Mr. Miller serves on multiple regional and national industry association Boards, and several non-profit Boards in the Portland area.

Dr. William Wiesmann is Executive Chair of the Board, and Co-founder of Synedgen. He is an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur. Backed by millions in research funding, Dr. Wiesmann has founded multiple biotech companies, including Hawaii Chitopure, BioSTAR West, HemCon Medical Technologies and Tissue Genesis. Dr. Wiesmann served as the Director for Combat Casualty Care at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command Post, at Ft. Detrick, until he retired from the Army as a colonel in 1997. His innovations have transformed medicine both on the battlefield and in civilian trauma centers. In 2004, the military named his 4-by-4-inch HemCon bandage one of the year’s “Top 10 Greatest Inventions” for its ability to stop seriously wounded soldiers from bleeding to death. He also holds 34 awarded or pending patents from his work in biosensors, automated diagnostic devices, and advanced tissue engineering.