Targeting the power of glycomics to improve the treatment of mucosal and dermal diseases.

An innovative Glycomics technology Platform that has lead to the development of breakthrough therapeutics that improve pulmonary, gastrointestinal, oral, ophthalmic, wound, and sinus health.  By targeting complex cell surface and mucosal interactions, we produce formulations with the ability to control inflammation and infection to promote healing.

We develop therapeutics to protect your gut from cancer therapy

Radiation and chemotherapy have side effects that kill gut epithelial cells and tear apart the protective gut barrier. These oncology treatments start a damaging cycle that causes inflammation, infection, and may lead to sepsis and death.  This injury is called GI mucositis.

Patients with GI mucositis may experience symptoms that include inability to swallow, diarrhea, ulcerations of the GI tract, bleeding, stool incontinence, or in severe cases, tissue necrosis.  GI mucositis is the single most important dose limiting factor in cancer therapy.  Many patients will go on to experience GI mucositis symptoms long after their therapy has ended.  GI mucositis has no treatment options.


SYGN305: protection for your gut against cancer therapy

Synedgen is developing first-in-class cancer supportive therapeutics to repair GI mucositis injury, promote healing, and restore a healthy microbiome.  Our lead drug, SYGN305, is being developed to help patients tolerate cancer therapy by managing acute GI side effects and preventing lasting damage to the GI tract.  SEE SYGN305

Our unique, proprietary glycomics platform

Part of the body’s innate immune system, the human body has protective internal and external barriers that safeguard it from bacterial, chemical, or environmental damage.  Synedgen uses glycopolymers and the chemical and biological science of the structure and function of these complex surfaces to protect, repair and restore these barriers and their natural function.  We are leveraging our glycochemistry platform to provide oncology-focused care by developing SYGN305 to protect, repair, and restore the GI tract from the damage caused by radiation and chemotherapy.


Synedgen’s glycopolymer platform has led to the development of breakthrough therapeutics that improve pulmonary , oral , wound, and ophthalmic health. Our therapeutics mediate inflammation, control infection and promote healing at the mucosal and dermal surface.   Our glycomics technologies show unprecedented safety profiles in preclinical studies.

Improving patient outcomes by repairing the GI tract before and after cancer therapy.


March 3, 2020

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