Gastrointestinal Disease

GI Disease

MIIST305: Restoring mucosal healing and barrier integrity

Synedgen is developing MIIST305, the only non-steroidal and non-biologic drug that addresses underlying damage to the gut tissue and promotes regeneration. This drug has the potential to immediately impact patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) and in radiation injury, conditions in which the compromised mucosal barrier behaves as a wound to the intestinal surface, propagating inflammation and infection.

How MIIST305 targets immunomodulatory signaling

The cells lining the intestine are coated with thick, natural glycopolymers called the glycocalyx and mucus layers. Inflammatory bowel diseases, radiation, and chemotherapy damage these protective barriers and epithelial cells, reducing protective function and initiating an inflammatory response. The resulting local inflammation initiates circulating cytokines and chemokines that trigger systemic inflammation. MIIST305 acts at the mucosal surface to reduce activation of innate inflammatory receptors, breaking the inflammatory cycle and resetting the fundamental mucosal role as a protective barrier against infection and further damage.