The Technology

The Technology

Unique drugs unified by a central discovery platform

The human body is protected from external contaminants and pathogenic exposure by important mucosal and dermal barriers. These barriers consist of functional molecules involved in the body’s natural innate immune processes. Damage to them disrupts a range of normal protective functions such as inflammation, infection, and healing. Synedgen optimizes glycopolymers to address complex targets at these protective surfaces to repair and restore the body’s natural defenses, and direct therapeutic activity to target tissue.

Our chemical approach has produced a scientifically validated, diversified drug pipeline able to protect the human body’s natural barriers from radiation, chemical, traumatic, bacterial, or environmental damage.  Our therapeutics:

Control inflammation

Limit infection

Promote healing

Our Discovery Process

Synedgen’s glycopolymer discovery process selects targets that have been conserved through millions of years of evolution. We optimize glycopolymer chemistry to design therapeutics that are selective for type of pathogen, disease, or human surface.