Synedgen to Present New Treatment Options for Gastrointestinal Radiation Injury

Innovative Treatment to Reduce Cancer Therapy Complications

Radiotherapy is a well-established treatment for cancer, however pelvic radiotherapy can result in radiation proctitis, or inflammation and damage to the lower parts of the colon, for as many as 75% of radiation treated patients. In severe cases, this complication can result in the need to reduce the intensity of radiotherapy, ultimately jeopardizing a successful cancer prognosis.

Synedgen researchers are developing targeted therapies to reduce the incidence and severity of radiation proctitis by enhancing repair of gastrointestinal damage and modulating inflammation to allow for complete treatment or more aggressive treatment of pelvic cancers currently limited by radiation proctitis.

A poster presentation detailing this research has been accepted for display at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center. The poster, entitled “Novel Therapeutic for the Repair of Gastrointestinal Radiation Injury”, will be exhibited on May 22, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM; lead author VP of Research Stacy Townsend PhD will be on hand to discuss the results from noon-2:00 PM.

The presentation highlights the efficacy of a specific molecule in Synedgen’s new class of targeted GI drugs, PAAG, on animal models of radiation proctitis. PAAG administered either orally or via enema significantly reduced local and systemic inflammation, and endoscopic examination confirmed improvement in the severity of proctitis compared to the control. A comparison between oral and enema administration showed that while both forms of treatment were highly effective, the oral delivery appears to be the optimal administration method.

“PAAG is a promising new drug candidate for reducing the inflammation and gastrointestinal damage associated with radiation therapy affecting the lower bowel,” stated Townsend. “We will continue to investigate its mechanisms of action in reducing radiation proctitis to enhance the development of this critically needed therapy.”

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